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Rusks made in a 3 day process.
A comment we often hear about AJISAI is that it is crispier than expected. We make it by thoroughly baking sponge cake, then letting it dry for about a day. It takes about 3 days to complete the process, but AJISAI’s delightfully crispy texture is worth the time and effort. The result is closer to a rusk than a cookie.


Almonds become flowers.
Made with butter, sugar, and eggs, we use the kind of high quality dough normally used for cakes. On top of this dough, we paint a mixture of almonds and condensed milk sauce. “I am careful to distribute the almonds evenly. If they are uneven, that will change the flavor,” says the artisan in charge. The name “AJISAI”, meaning “hydrangea”, comes from the appearance of the scattered almonds.


A taste that never grows old.
“Mildly sweet and elegant” is the perfect phrase to describe AJISAI. Many of our customers say they will never get tired of eating it. A rusk isn’t quite as hard as a hard baked rice cracker, so you can break it up into small pieces for easier eating.


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