Salon de Kurumicco




Taste every layer in a single bite.
Cut this cake as shown in the photo to enjoy every layer in a single bite. The flavors of cinnamon meringue, almond cream, and apples will spread through your mouth together. This cake is especially addictive for apple lovers. The APPLE-FEUILLE is actually the new version of our once popular APPLE CAKE. After repeated inquiries, we decided to bring it back. Now even more perfect than before.


Cinnamon and apples: An infallible combination.
Our creation process is far more involved than before. First the dough is spread out, and apples stewed in syrup are lined up on it. Almond cream is then squeezed on top, and the whole thing is baked to make something like a tart. Finally, it is covered with cinnamon meringue and sprinkled with almonds. The combination of apples and cinnamon, in particular, is considered a confectionary classic. Make sure to try this new Kamakura Beniya staple.


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