Salon de Kurumicco



It all started with an artist’s proposal.
The staff of the MmeKIKI shop in Kobe came to us suggesting we work together to create chocolates based on the concept of “Japan meets France”. MmeKIKI is famous for its artistic creations, especially its chocolates that are so beautiful, you find yourself entranced looking at them. This was an opportunity for Kamakura Beniya to step into a new world.


Kamakura Beniya covered in high quality chocolate.
Chocolate by France’s premium chocolate brand Valrhona, wrapped around Kamakura Beniya classics. After repeated trial and error, we came up with this lineup of 5 products.
・KURUMICCO x Milk chocolate
・KURIMICCO x White chocolate
・KAMAKURA DAYORI x Milk chocolate
・AJISAI x Dark chocolate
・MIYAKO MATCHA x White chocolate
One pastry chef commented, “It’s hard to believe we never had this before”. The combination of chocolate and Kamakura Beniya was even better than we imagined. Guaranteed to please as a gift. Perfect for Valentine’s Day as well.


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