Salon de Kurumicco




Smooth and rich.
“It’s smooth and refreshing, and yet also rich”. To create a balance between these two types of flavor, we teamed up with ONO Farm, which was established in Yokohama over 50 years ago. At ONO Farm, raw milk is sterilized at room temperature as soon as it is collected. This makes it possible to treat the milk without destroying the fat droplets that are key to its flavor. We then added the secret recipe of old-fashioned Kamakura ice cream to that know-how. Enjoy the rich aroma of milk as this ice cream melts in your mouth.


Available in 5 flavors.
In 5 flavors including “KURIMICCO”, “milk”, “adzuki bean”, “strawberry milk”, and “Uji kintoki”. The perfection of the “KURIMICCO” flavor will satisfy KURUMICCO fans, in particular. The adzuki bean paste used in the “adzuki bean” and “Uji kintoki” flavors is the same paste used in HACHI-MANJU, made by Yamaya Seiansho. Try every flavor once if you can.


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