Salon de Kurumicco




The goodness of buttercream.
Buttercream was once very commonly used on cakes, but it is not so popular anymore due to its very rich flavor. Before we knew it, it had been replaced by fresh cream. So, is buttercream behind the times? We certainly do not think so. With good butter and a few tricks, buttercream is actually the perfect match for sponge cake.


Layered for a new kind of deliciousness.
At Kamakura Beniya, we stack sponge cake and buttercream in alternating layers to bring out the inherent deliciousness of the buttercream. The process of spreading the cream and gently adding a layer of cake is repeated over and over. By taking more time than usual, we have been able to create a new kind of cake befitting this generation.


Like a bell covered with snow.
Falling snow piles onto the bell of Hongakuji Temple near Kamakura Station. To evoke that image, this entire cake is sprinkled with powdered sugar. The sugar is not simply thrown on, but carefully sprinkled onto each cake. These cakes are full of our artisans’ desire to make their creations as delicious as possible. Please cut one up and enjoy it with the whole family.




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