Salon de Kurumicco




The miraculous meeting of three ingredients.
Our homemade caramel is stuffed full of walnuts, then wrapped in buttery dough. These three ingredients come together in delicious elegance to create the wildly popular Kamakura Beniya staple called KURUMICCO. Made to have a definite sweetness without being too rich. Along with the superb balance of caramel and walnuts, firm dough adds the finishing touch. Try it chilled in the summertime to experience the taste of the season.


The work of artisans maintains a uniform flavor.
Caramel is a particularly finicky ingredient to handle, and so our artisans handle it with great care. They knead it in a bronze pot to stretch it out while removing air pockets. They also carefully prepare the dough so the sugar is evenly spread throughout, then let it rise for a whole day. When it is time for baking, the artisans make careful adjustments based on the season and weather. It is our pleasure to offer you the fruit of our artisans’ labor.


Adorable! Our squirrel character is also popular.
The package is decorated with a retro squirrel illustration. We hear many people say, “I like this illustration! It’s cute!” We chose a squirrel because there are many squirrels in Kamakura, and also because squirrels love walnuts. In response to the illustration’s popularity, we have also begun using it on our original masking tape. We are planning on developing even more squirrel themed products, so please look forward to them.



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