Salon de Kurumicco




A flavor that goes with both tea and coffee.
HACHI-MANJU dough is the same butter dough used for KURUMICCO. We chose this dough because it goes so well with bean paste. With a balance of Eastern and Western flavors, this confection goes with coffee as well as tea. The adzuki bean paste is specially made by a manufacturer called Yamaya Seiansho in Hase. We have the exact amount we need brought to us in small dishes, so our HACHI-MANJU are always fresh and perfectly flavored.


Named after Tsurugaoka Hachimangu.
The name “HACHI-MANJU” comes from the name of the Shinto shrine Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, but it is not a mere play on words. HACHI-MANJU are made to resemble the grass ring set up for the shrine’s summer purification rites every year in June. Simple bean paste is wrapped in a thick layer of dough, then painted with egg yolk before baking. This is the taste of Kamakura loved year round. Enjoy with your favorite beverage.


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  • はちまんじゅう1個
  • はちまんじゅう6個入(箱)